Cheryl L. Kates P.C.



Prosecutorial Commission Bill

Cheryl L. Kates advocated alongside H. Bosh Jr. and Jeffrey Deskovic for the Prosecutorial Commission Bill, which recently passed.



Series: Voices from the Prison Action Network

Subtitle: Preparing for Parole Hearings and Overturning Denials

Summary:  Lawyer Cheryl L. Kates, Esq. discusses the importance of sentencing minutes — both at Parole Hearings and in appeals of Parole denials.



Series: TEHRS Empowerment Radio hosted by Audrey A. Thomas

Summary: Cheryl L. Kates, Esq. discusses what it means to be a parole attorney and how she got involved with CURE NY.



Series: The Fancy Broccoli Show — Prison Talk

Summary: The Fancy Broccoli Show is here to provide a voice to some of the voiceless in our community. We read letters that we get from people behind bars, and we interview people interested in social justice and prison reform. In January 2008, we conducted an interview with Cheryl L. Kates, an attorney who specializes in parole appeals.