Cheryl L. Kates P.C.


Saving the Wrongfully Convicted
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Imagine waking up one day, a convicted felon rotting in a 6 x 9 jail cell, and your whole life flashes before your eyes, because you were just convicted of a crime you did not commit. Your loved ones, your worldly possessions, everything you worked for, your entire life is now a thing of the past. It can happen to you and it has happened to many people. They sit in prison with little or no resources to try to prove their innocence. Basically, once you hit that gate in a NYS prison, life as you knew it, vanishes before your eyes, no one cares, and you will choose to give up or fight for your life. The sad reality is, you will serve most if not all, of your sentence before you even get another shot at freedom. If you even do. Read more…